SEO Downtown Computers

SEO Downtown Computers

Downtown Computers has been serving South Florida since 1994 and offers the highest rated IT services in Fort Lauderdale, so it's an honor to work with such a respected and experienced company. 

Although Downtown Computers had an online presence, they lacked the presence on social media platforms and needed a major boost in search engine traffic. ScottCanBrand to the rescue! We immediately began to explore the specific demographic for the IT Services and Computer Repair market in Fort Lauderdale, identify the demographic and most searched key phrases/words, as well as find strong, appropriate backlinks to boost their online reputation with major search engines. 

What happened? Magic. Traffic was doubled, sales increased and we were able to improve search engine ranking by 85%. The majority of key phrases/words now appear on the first page of nearly every search engine. What does that mean for Downtown Computers? MORE REVENUE!

Challenge accepted. Challenge met. 


Downtown Computer Services


22 January 2015



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